We have contributed to many organizations building blockchain projects, from ideation and validation to mass adoption. We are an interdisciplinary team that applies proven methodologies and innovative technologies, covering the complete process of bringing a new or existing product to market.

Our engineers have participated in some of the strongest DeFi projects which has exposed us to nearly all of the 'money legos'. Due to this, we can help teams build on top of or integrate with any of them.

Our specialties

  • Protocol and architecture design and specs
  • Integration and usage of existing battle-tested Ethereum components / legos:
    • Oracles
    • AMMs
    • Multi-sigs
    • Lending / borrowing
    • DAOs
    • Governance
  • UI design and dApp development
  • Bots, relayers, and backends
  • The Graph Protocol Subgraphs
  • SDKs and reference implementations
  • Cross-chain integrations
  • Ecosystem and dev adoption through grants programs design